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Today every person use the Rediff Mail service for the sharing the information from one place to another place. Rediff Mail service is really helpful for the every person because Rediff Mail services is a professional service. If you have any problem and issues that are related to the Rediff Mail so you can contact to our RediffMail Customer Support.

When you use the Rediff Mail then many FAQ’S  came to your mind as a user. so here we discussed about the FAQ’s that are related to the Rediff Mail.

1.When will my new domain name become accessible on the Internet?

Domain name registrations take up to 48 hours to be fully accessible on the Internet. Your new Rediff Mail address will also be accessible when this process is complete. If you issue other Rediff mail then you can visit Rediffmail Customer Service Number .

2. What will I receive from Anything Rediff Mail?

The first document you will receive is the "Thank You" page which is displayed in your browser at the end of the sign up process (be sure to print this page for your records). You will receive an "Order Confirmation" immediately after the sign up process is complete, this will be sent via Rediff Mail to the alternate Rediff Mail address that you provided during the sign up process.

3. Do I own the domain name? 

Yes. You own your Domain Name for one year and will own it as long as you continue to renew it annually. Domain Names are public records and all registrations are updated in a central "who is" database.

4. How do I add, change or delete Rediff Mail addresses?

 Every user can manage his Rediff Mail accounts on your domain and sign in to the Command Center and go to Rediff Mail Accounts. If you still not clear contact to our Rediff tech support.

5. How do I access the Command Center?

 To access the Command Center go to Rediff Mail.anythingRediff or click "Command Center" at the top of our website.

6. How do I access my WebRediff Mail? 

You can simply to access the Web Rediff Mail through the internet and go to Rediff or click "Check Rediff Mail" at the top of our website.

7. I can send Rediff Mail from the Web Rediff Mail. Why can't I receive Rediff Mail there? 

Your account may be set up to forward to a different Rediff Mail address. When an Rediff Mail account is forwarded, Rediff Mail sent to it will only be delivered to the forwarding address. you can delivered the Rediff Mail through your account and accessible from the Web Rediff Mail, you must disable forwarding on the account in the Command Center.

Our customer support helpline:
You have any query that is related to Rediff Mail so you can contact our Rediff Customer Service team. Our team always prepare to solve your answer. Rediff Mail tech support team is available 24x7 hours in a week.